Irie’s Garlic and Feta Doggie Biscuit



Well kids, my mother over did herself today. She made me the best doggy biscuit humans can make.

Ok, so it was a little late at night when she pulled it out of the oven but we both surely enjoyed them. Even my poppa and my grandmother had a bite. I don’t know why but they started shaking hands right after that. My mother told them both to sit and stay. Atta girl.

I should probably share the recipe with you all. It is made with only organic and natural ingredients.

Here it is, directly from my mother’s kitchen.

Irie’s Garlic and Feta Biscuit

1 cup of rolled oats
1/3 cup organic butter
1 cup boiling water
3/4 cup cornmeal or a breakfast blend form Bob’s Red Mill made with whole grain brown rice, corn, sorghum and buckwheat
1 teaspoon of organic brown sugar
1 teaspoon of sea sale
1/2 cup of organic milk
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1 egg beaten
3 cups of whole wheat flower
1/3 cup feta cheese
2 Tablespoons of garlic paste.

Garlic paste: take 5-6 garlic cloves, pealed, mash them in a mortar with a pestle adding about 1 teaspoon of sea salt and slowly dripping some light olive oil until it is smooth and pasty. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon and enjoy with everything. You can also achieve this consistency by mashing the garlic and salt with a large knife on a wooden board and then transfer it in a bowl and continue with the rest of the ingredients.

Heat oven at 325 degrees. Beat the egg and mix in the oats, sugar and hot water. Let them stay 5 minutes, then mix in the rest of the ingredients. Roll on a rolling board powdered with a little bit of flower and cut with cookie cutters preferably shaped like bones and hearts and place on cookie sheets on trays. Bake for about 45 minutes or until they change color slightly.



I have 2 grandmothers….

Holly Moly…I have two grandmothers.So, here’s how it works: you have a mother’s mother and a father’s mother….2 grandmothers…This is what I just learned this week.

This one is also very nice and i understand her language. Yee. She comes from a state called Iowa. I hear they have a lot of corn over there and the weather is a little bit cooler.But I still like it better here in Florida.

So anyway, it looks like I am the lucky grandson of two lovely ladies…who DO NOT appreciate my love and my kisses…

Serriously? What is going on here?

I dog cannot provide free kisses anymore?

I wonder how long she’ll stay?

What is a Grandmother?

So, it turns out that I have a grandmother…and she comes from a foreign world. She even speaks different language. I don’t understand this language. It turns out, it is Romanian. Ha…I hear a lot of “Ce zice?, Ce zice?”, whatever that means….

She seems like a nice enough lady, she looks a little bit like my mother but my mother is so much more adorable. I should probably tell her one of these days.

My grandmother does not appreciate my kisses…what in the world is that? I mean, really? I am her only grandson.

Needless to say, I am still happy to meet her, we went all the way over to the other side of Florida, in Miami, I am told, to go pick her up at the airport….well, you know I don’t really like airports, so the trip was not my favorite. But I made it and I was happy to share my home with her.

Wonder how long she’ll stay?

Rover Dog Park- A Dirty Dog Park…

Just the way we like it…
So, we went to the Veteran’s Dog Park a while back and I’ve been trying to get back there since. Now, that is a place for tough guys like me. Course, momma doesn’t seem to be of the same opinion.
Ok, so, you run around in mud and most of the dogs are pretty rough…even the little ones…momma calls them bedroom slippers on speed…whatever that means. Anyway, you can get pretty, pretty dirty in there. I did and I had to get a good scrub when I got home.
I did meet a couple of nice dogs, there was especially a little yellow lab, only about 8 weeks old…momma really liked him, good job he already had an owner.Irie at Veteran's ParkWe had a really good time but it looks like we will not be going there again…something to do with mud on my momma’s leather seats…Oh well!

It’s a dog’s park

So, my momma has been keeping track of all my medical records, my vaccines, my tests, my visits to the vet etc. It tuns out she was getting me ready to meet other dogs and people. Of course most places do not allow you in if you are not up to date on this stuff.
Irie at Naples dog park
So, one day she decided to find out if there is a nice place for me to play with other dogs. She took me to Naples dog park. Click here.
We had so much fun.
I think we are going there again today.

Naples summer activities for dogs

So, one might ask? What is there to do in the summer in a place like Naples, Florida, if you are a dog?

Momma and I went to the dog beach a few times and we had so much fun. The first time, I was kind of little and not so sure with all those funny looking animals. None of them looked like me. Some of them had really long hair all over their faces, some were really short, some were barking all the time, some were siting in the shade some were running in the Gulf of Mexico and some came to give me a good sniff and say hi. They did not really bother with me, I probably smelled funny to them, I don’t know. My momma sometimes sniffs me and says I smell like a milky baby…whatever that means.
Irie at dog beach
This is me the first time I went to the dog beach…that big guy was sniffing around momma’s purse but I did not dare to say anything. I knew she had treats in the bag.
By the way, you can check out on this link all kind of other places around Naples, FL friendly to dogs.

We also went to Keewaydin island one day with some very nice friends of ours who came to visit me all the way from Germany. The little boy, Timmy, he was very nice. I really liked him. I think he liked me too.
Irie and Timmy taking a trip to Keewaydin Island
This is a photo of Timmy and I on our way to Keewaydin Island. We had a real good time running on the beach, jumping into the water and playing fetch with a ball we found washed by the waves. I did sleep very well that night.

My Humans

I guess I should be calling them momma and papa…at least this is how they call each other. Sometimes she calls me papito…Anyway, my mom is a real estate agent. She loves her job and she sometimes takes on the road with her when she can. It is very nice to get inside her car and have the wind blowing in my face and the music playing while driving around scoping out properties.
I like her job because she also works from home and she is very lucky to spend a lot of time with me during the day.
Irie learning to be a real estate agent

My papa is also involved in real estate but he is not always home. I really don’t know what he does but he leaves home in nice, clean clothes and he comes back looking like he was in a fight…he sometimes gets himself into trouble because he forgets to leave his shoes outside the door. Something to do with dirt all over the house.

I too like it when he takes his shoes off because I really love chewing on his socks. Sometimes he tries to hide them from me but I’m too good.

The best part about my papa is that every day when he comes home, even before having supper, he always plays a good game of fetch or Frisbee with me. After that, we are really dirty and in order to keep the misses pleased, we both take a quick shower in the pool.
I heard him say that he wants me to be Champion Frisbee Dog. I don’t mind that. I’ll work on it.
Irie with his first frisbee

This is me with my first frisbee…

My first outing- The Taste of Collier

May 6th

It might have been a little too soon but I decided to venture out into the world. So, one sunny day, we took off all three of us to what is called Taste of Collier. Oh boy, can you say humans, humans, humans…I have never seen this many humans in one place before.
We found a nice shady spot and we decided to wait for some friends to come meet with us. It smelled really good and I had a chance to taste the barbequed ribs and ham and cheese sandwiches, well I just had the ham and the cheese as I am sure if I want to, I can get bread at home.
Irie at Naples- The Taste of Collier

So, I met this very nice Romanian Family of humans with two little baby humans, very sweet and respectful. I really liked them. Their names are Tory and Victor. I am looking forward to see them again.
I think I made a very good impression because everybody wanted to come by and pet me and at one point my dad said I was a chick magnet. A chick magnet? I did not see any chicks in there…except for the ones that were cooked and frankly I did not care for chicken that day.
People also were saying that I was the most beautiful pit bull they have ever seen…Well, you guys have not seem my entire family including my big brother Doogan who is going to be a service dog up in Tallahassee. You should see him. I miss him but I am so proud of him.

Well, I am looking forward to this event next year. I think I am going to make another appearance. I guess I’ll try the chicken next time.

Living in the Estates

May 5th, Naples, Florida

So, we live in the countryside. Well, there are no cows and farms around here but we do have a fairly large playground and my lady likes to tend a flower garden, a vegetable garden and a herb garden. Sometimes I help. She doesn’t always want me to, but I know it’s only because she doesn’t want to ask: she is probably shy.

I move all kinds of sticks around the yard; some are really large so they require someone with a lot of strength like me. Sometimes I help her with digging the flowerbeds; sometimes I just help her rearranging the landscaping. If there are too many flowers in one bed, I pull some off. It’s my job to help and I am taking it seriously.

No wonder at night, we crash like soldiers. As I am still pretty small, my girl sometimes takes me in her arms and falls asleep on the recliner while I snore in her lap. It’s kind of funny to see her catering to me like this.

Who is Gramma?

Gramma, the resident cat

The only thing I did not expect when I got here is to find another 4 legged animal living in the house. Well, I am not very sure what it is. It’s about the same size as me, long, black hair, green eyes, long tail and sharp nails. I immediately went to say hi thinking that my usual smile and my good looks and maybe a little lick on the nose will get him wormed up but this was not the case. Not with this creature.
This particular animal, I later found out it was the resident cat, was not impressed with my charm. He kind of turned his back on me after he ostentatiously made a hissing noise…how rude. This is not the way to welcome new guests. But, I guess this was just going to have to be another chore I needs to add to my to do list while here. To break this stone hearted cat. And I will.
The only thing I have to say. A male cat with the name Gramma must be really confident in himself so I better move in really slowly with this boy.