It’s a dog’s park

So, my momma has been keeping track of all my medical records, my vaccines, my tests, my visits to the vet etc. It tuns out she was getting me ready to meet other dogs and people. Of course most places do not allow you in if you are not up to date on this stuff.
Irie at Naples dog park
So, one day she decided to find out if there is a nice place for me to play with other dogs. She took me to Naples dog park. Click here.
We had so much fun.
I think we are going there again today.

Naples summer activities for dogs

So, one might ask? What is there to do in the summer in a place like Naples, Florida, if you are a dog?

Momma and I went to the dog beach a few times and we had so much fun. The first time, I was kind of little and not so sure with all those funny looking animals. None of them looked like me. Some of them had really long hair all over their faces, some were really short, some were barking all the time, some were siting in the shade some were running in the Gulf of Mexico and some came to give me a good sniff and say hi. They did not really bother with me, I probably smelled funny to them, I don’t know. My momma sometimes sniffs me and says I smell like a milky baby…whatever that means.
Irie at dog beach
This is me the first time I went to the dog beach…that big guy was sniffing around momma’s purse but I did not dare to say anything. I knew she had treats in the bag.
By the way, you can check out on this link all kind of other places around Naples, FL friendly to dogs.

We also went to Keewaydin island one day with some very nice friends of ours who came to visit me all the way from Germany. The little boy, Timmy, he was very nice. I really liked him. I think he liked me too.
Irie and Timmy taking a trip to Keewaydin Island
This is a photo of Timmy and I on our way to Keewaydin Island. We had a real good time running on the beach, jumping into the water and playing fetch with a ball we found washed by the waves. I did sleep very well that night.

My Humans

I guess I should be calling them momma and papa…at least this is how they call each other. Sometimes she calls me papito…Anyway, my mom is a real estate agent. She loves her job and she sometimes takes on the road with her when she can. It is very nice to get inside her car and have the wind blowing in my face and the music playing while driving around scoping out properties.
I like her job because she also works from home and she is very lucky to spend a lot of time with me during the day.
Irie learning to be a real estate agent

My papa is also involved in real estate but he is not always home. I really don’t know what he does but he leaves home in nice, clean clothes and he comes back looking like he was in a fight…he sometimes gets himself into trouble because he forgets to leave his shoes outside the door. Something to do with dirt all over the house.

I too like it when he takes his shoes off because I really love chewing on his socks. Sometimes he tries to hide them from me but I’m too good.

The best part about my papa is that every day when he comes home, even before having supper, he always plays a good game of fetch or Frisbee with me. After that, we are really dirty and in order to keep the misses pleased, we both take a quick shower in the pool.
I heard him say that he wants me to be Champion Frisbee Dog. I don’t mind that. I’ll work on it.
Irie with his first frisbee

This is me with my first frisbee…

My first outing- The Taste of Collier

May 6th

It might have been a little too soon but I decided to venture out into the world. So, one sunny day, we took off all three of us to what is called Taste of Collier. Oh boy, can you say humans, humans, humans…I have never seen this many humans in one place before.
We found a nice shady spot and we decided to wait for some friends to come meet with us. It smelled really good and I had a chance to taste the barbequed ribs and ham and cheese sandwiches, well I just had the ham and the cheese as I am sure if I want to, I can get bread at home.
Irie at Naples- The Taste of Collier

So, I met this very nice Romanian Family of humans with two little baby humans, very sweet and respectful. I really liked them. Their names are Tory and Victor. I am looking forward to see them again.
I think I made a very good impression because everybody wanted to come by and pet me and at one point my dad said I was a chick magnet. A chick magnet? I did not see any chicks in there…except for the ones that were cooked and frankly I did not care for chicken that day.
People also were saying that I was the most beautiful pit bull they have ever seen…Well, you guys have not seem my entire family including my big brother Doogan who is going to be a service dog up in Tallahassee. You should see him. I miss him but I am so proud of him.

Well, I am looking forward to this event next year. I think I am going to make another appearance. I guess I’ll try the chicken next time.

Living in the Estates

May 5th, Naples, Florida

So, we live in the countryside. Well, there are no cows and farms around here but we do have a fairly large playground and my lady likes to tend a flower garden, a vegetable garden and a herb garden. Sometimes I help. She doesn’t always want me to, but I know it’s only because she doesn’t want to ask: she is probably shy.

I move all kinds of sticks around the yard; some are really large so they require someone with a lot of strength like me. Sometimes I help her with digging the flowerbeds; sometimes I just help her rearranging the landscaping. If there are too many flowers in one bed, I pull some off. It’s my job to help and I am taking it seriously.

No wonder at night, we crash like soldiers. As I am still pretty small, my girl sometimes takes me in her arms and falls asleep on the recliner while I snore in her lap. It’s kind of funny to see her catering to me like this.

Who is Gramma?

Gramma, the resident cat

The only thing I did not expect when I got here is to find another 4 legged animal living in the house. Well, I am not very sure what it is. It’s about the same size as me, long, black hair, green eyes, long tail and sharp nails. I immediately went to say hi thinking that my usual smile and my good looks and maybe a little lick on the nose will get him wormed up but this was not the case. Not with this creature.
This particular animal, I later found out it was the resident cat, was not impressed with my charm. He kind of turned his back on me after he ostentatiously made a hissing noise…how rude. This is not the way to welcome new guests. But, I guess this was just going to have to be another chore I needs to add to my to do list while here. To break this stone hearted cat. And I will.
The only thing I have to say. A male cat with the name Gramma must be really confident in himself so I better move in really slowly with this boy.

My first day in Florida

May 3rd, Naples FL

So anyway, May 3rd was going to be my first day in Florida with my new humans, in my new home, my new property.

So, I woke up in the morning ready to prove to the humans that I was the right decision. I ate everything in my plate, I drank water, I ran around the yard, I even took a long walk on the main road with the misses. I have to say; they do have a big playground so I guess there will be a lot of running around while I’m here.

It was quite a confusing day because my two humans could not make up their mind about what is good for me and what is not…I just stayed back and let them figure it all out. Me, every time I had a chance I would cover them in kisses. I really had to behave that day. It was very important that I make a good impression.

The only thing I was determined to stand up for today was my lodging. If I wasn’t going to be able to get inside that big bed of theirs, at least I know I needed a larger, fancier condo. So, I sent the guy over to the store to get me one. He did not complain. At this point I believe I had him too. Not bad, 2 humans in 2 days.
Irie's new condo
So, I got a feather pillow, a towel, a sheet to cover the condo while I am asleep, food bowl, water bowl, toys, chewys and all kinds of other things…I feel like a king.

So, we built the condo together in the garage and we had it installed right inside the master bedroom right by my lady’s head. I can’t make a move without her hearing me…sometimes it’s a little embarrassing but I did not choose the spot so it’s her problem not mine.

Going Home

So, we got into their truck, the lady put me on a fresh towel right on her lap and kept me there the whole trip. I think it took about a half an hour but I did not care anymore; I knew I was in good hands. She was nice and she smelled good…unlike me, of course. But she did not care, every now and then she would give me a kiss on the nose and I knew I had her. I was not sure about him yet. Maybe he was just concentrating on the driving or whatever, I don’t know…. he was keep saying: you don’t need to smother him with kisses, give him some space…seriously buddy? Who nominated you the guy who tells her what I like? Not me, that’s for sure. So, if she feels like holding me in her arms and kissing my nose, my eyes, sniffing my years and rubbing my chest and my belly, let her do it…I am not going to stop her…my job is to please her…please me. Or something like that. I’ll look into it after I rest a little bit.
Irie the pit bull- going home
So this is me on the lady’s lap on the way to my new home. Look at that big leather collar they got me…They’ll never get it right, I’m telling you.

So we finally made to what turns out it will be my new home. It was dark outside and I couldn’t quite tell what was going on. The two humans were fussing around with cleaning my condo, giving me a bath, feeding me, giving me water. I could tell that they did not live with another dog before. Frankly, at that point, all I wanted was to go to sleep.
So, they finally got my lodging prepared. Brought it into a room with a big bed in it. I originally thought that the bed was for me. Nice. Well, it wasn’t the case; I had to settle for the condo, for now. I will make it my mission though; to one day conquer that territory. So, finally, relaxing, in the Sunny Florida.
Well, not so fast…these humans woke me up every 2-3 hours and asked me to go out, in the dark, in an unfamiliar area and potty…seriously? How many times can a little guy release himself in one night? And for whatever reason, every time I did it they were high five-ing like they won the lottery. Actually, at first I did not really know why they brought me there, but the guy actually showed me what to do. He peed in his own yard just so that I know it’s OK to do it…I thought that was cool. He scored a couple of points in my book.

My name is Irie, I am a pit bull and this is my story.

I was born on January 29th 2012 about 60 miles west of Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada. At least this is what my papers say.
I’d like to think of myself as a Las Vegas dog because this is where I boarded my flight to Florida.
That’s right; on May 2nd I left Las Vegas at 7 o’clock in the morning…way too early for a 3 month old who I might add is not a morning dog. My breeder, his name is Patrick; he is a human, bought me a new condo and gave me a couple of towels to take with me for the trip. It was a long, long trip (about 15 hours in human time) and I don’t really like to talk about it because it was not a pleasant one.
Where are you sending me, Patrick????
The airlines delayed my arrival by about 3 hours, I was hungry, I had nowhere to go to the bathroom, I had no toys, no brothers, no sisters…the only thing that kept me from crying was the thought that Patrick said a very nice couple of humans will be waiting for me at the end of the trip and they will bring me in their home and give me everything I ever wanted. So, a lot to look forward to. Not that anything was wrong with living with Patrick and Angie(the female human married to Patrick) but it is very hard to be an Alfa dog when there are so many other great specimens already in charge.

Pure Power Kennels

By the way, these pups are part of my family from Nevada. See what I mean? If you want to see more photos of my relatives, you can visit their Facebook page: click here.

So, sure enough, I landed in Fort Myers, Florida late at night, I was rushed through the check-out really quickly like a special dog, apparently the two humans have already made arrangements because they knew I will be exhausted and they did not want me to wait any longer…I was brought onto a very large concrete field (it turns out it was a parking lot with a lot of lights on), they opened the door of my condo and let me out onto the ground where I was finally able to run around and greet them properly. They were nice, a little awkward, I guess they did not really know what to do at first but then when I reached out and gave them both a kiss they felt at ease and started to hug me and give me water and a little bit of food.
Irie at Fort Myers Airport
This is me in the parking lot at Fort Myers Airport…I was a very little boy.
I was so excited; I did not really need anything. I was just happy that that my poor little feet finally hit the ground and I met my new family.