Going Home

So, we got into their truck, the lady put me on a fresh towel right on her lap and kept me there the whole trip. I think it took about a half an hour but I did not care anymore; I knew I was in good hands. She was nice and she smelled good…unlike me, of course. But she did not care, every now and then she would give me a kiss on the nose and I knew I had her. I was not sure about him yet. Maybe he was just concentrating on the driving or whatever, I don’t know…. he was keep saying: you don’t need to smother him with kisses, give him some space…seriously buddy? Who nominated you the guy who tells her what I like? Not me, that’s for sure. So, if she feels like holding me in her arms and kissing my nose, my eyes, sniffing my years and rubbing my chest and my belly, let her do it…I am not going to stop her…my job is to please her…please me. Or something like that. I’ll look into it after I rest a little bit.
Irie the pit bull- going home
So this is me on the lady’s lap on the way to my new home. Look at that big leather collar they got me…They’ll never get it right, I’m telling you.

So we finally made to what turns out it will be my new home. It was dark outside and I couldn’t quite tell what was going on. The two humans were fussing around with cleaning my condo, giving me a bath, feeding me, giving me water. I could tell that they did not live with another dog before. Frankly, at that point, all I wanted was to go to sleep.
So, they finally got my lodging prepared. Brought it into a room with a big bed in it. I originally thought that the bed was for me. Nice. Well, it wasn’t the case; I had to settle for the condo, for now. I will make it my mission though; to one day conquer that territory. So, finally, relaxing, in the Sunny Florida.
Well, not so fast…these humans woke me up every 2-3 hours and asked me to go out, in the dark, in an unfamiliar area and potty…seriously? How many times can a little guy release himself in one night? And for whatever reason, every time I did it they were high five-ing like they won the lottery. Actually, at first I did not really know why they brought me there, but the guy actually showed me what to do. He peed in his own yard just so that I know it’s OK to do it…I thought that was cool. He scored a couple of points in my book.

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