My first day in Florida

May 3rd, Naples FL

So anyway, May 3rd was going to be my first day in Florida with my new humans, in my new home, my new property.

So, I woke up in the morning ready to prove to the humans that I was the right decision. I ate everything in my plate, I drank water, I ran around the yard, I even took a long walk on the main road with the misses. I have to say; they do have a big playground so I guess there will be a lot of running around while I’m here.

It was quite a confusing day because my two humans could not make up their mind about what is good for me and what is not…I just stayed back and let them figure it all out. Me, every time I had a chance I would cover them in kisses. I really had to behave that day. It was very important that I make a good impression.

The only thing I was determined to stand up for today was my lodging. If I wasn’t going to be able to get inside that big bed of theirs, at least I know I needed a larger, fancier condo. So, I sent the guy over to the store to get me one. He did not complain. At this point I believe I had him too. Not bad, 2 humans in 2 days.
Irie's new condo
So, I got a feather pillow, a towel, a sheet to cover the condo while I am asleep, food bowl, water bowl, toys, chewys and all kinds of other things…I feel like a king.

So, we built the condo together in the garage and we had it installed right inside the master bedroom right by my lady’s head. I can’t make a move without her hearing me…sometimes it’s a little embarrassing but I did not choose the spot so it’s her problem not mine.

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