Who is Gramma?

Gramma, the resident cat

The only thing I did not expect when I got here is to find another 4 legged animal living in the house. Well, I am not very sure what it is. It’s about the same size as me, long, black hair, green eyes, long tail and sharp nails. I immediately went to say hi thinking that my usual smile and my good looks and maybe a little lick on the nose will get him wormed up but this was not the case. Not with this creature.
This particular animal, I later found out it was the resident cat, was not impressed with my charm. He kind of turned his back on me after he ostentatiously made a hissing noise…how rude. This is not the way to welcome new guests. But, I guess this was just going to have to be another chore I needs to add to my to do list while here. To break this stone hearted cat. And I will.
The only thing I have to say. A male cat with the name Gramma must be really confident in himself so I better move in really slowly with this boy.

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