Living in the Estates

May 5th, Naples, Florida

So, we live in the countryside. Well, there are no cows and farms around here but we do have a fairly large playground and my lady likes to tend a flower garden, a vegetable garden and a herb garden. Sometimes I help. She doesn’t always want me to, but I know it’s only because she doesn’t want to ask: she is probably shy.

I move all kinds of sticks around the yard; some are really large so they require someone with a lot of strength like me. Sometimes I help her with digging the flowerbeds; sometimes I just help her rearranging the landscaping. If there are too many flowers in one bed, I pull some off. It’s my job to help and I am taking it seriously.

No wonder at night, we crash like soldiers. As I am still pretty small, my girl sometimes takes me in her arms and falls asleep on the recliner while I snore in her lap. It’s kind of funny to see her catering to me like this.

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