My first outing- The Taste of Collier

May 6th

It might have been a little too soon but I decided to venture out into the world. So, one sunny day, we took off all three of us to what is called Taste of Collier. Oh boy, can you say humans, humans, humans…I have never seen this many humans in one place before.
We found a nice shady spot and we decided to wait for some friends to come meet with us. It smelled really good and I had a chance to taste the barbequed ribs and ham and cheese sandwiches, well I just had the ham and the cheese as I am sure if I want to, I can get bread at home.
Irie at Naples- The Taste of Collier

So, I met this very nice Romanian Family of humans with two little baby humans, very sweet and respectful. I really liked them. Their names are Tory and Victor. I am looking forward to see them again.
I think I made a very good impression because everybody wanted to come by and pet me and at one point my dad said I was a chick magnet. A chick magnet? I did not see any chicks in there…except for the ones that were cooked and frankly I did not care for chicken that day.
People also were saying that I was the most beautiful pit bull they have ever seen…Well, you guys have not seem my entire family including my big brother Doogan who is going to be a service dog up in Tallahassee. You should see him. I miss him but I am so proud of him.

Well, I am looking forward to this event next year. I think I am going to make another appearance. I guess I’ll try the chicken next time.

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