Naples summer activities for dogs

So, one might ask? What is there to do in the summer in a place like Naples, Florida, if you are a dog?

Momma and I went to the dog beach a few times and we had so much fun. The first time, I was kind of little and not so sure with all those funny looking animals. None of them looked like me. Some of them had really long hair all over their faces, some were really short, some were barking all the time, some were siting in the shade some were running in the Gulf of Mexico and some came to give me a good sniff and say hi. They did not really bother with me, I probably smelled funny to them, I don’t know. My momma sometimes sniffs me and says I smell like a milky baby…whatever that means.
Irie at dog beach
This is me the first time I went to the dog beach…that big guy was sniffing around momma’s purse but I did not dare to say anything. I knew she had treats in the bag.
By the way, you can check out on this link all kind of other places around Naples, FL friendly to dogs.

We also went to Keewaydin island one day with some very nice friends of ours who came to visit me all the way from Germany. The little boy, Timmy, he was very nice. I really liked him. I think he liked me too.
Irie and Timmy taking a trip to Keewaydin Island
This is a photo of Timmy and I on our way to Keewaydin Island. We had a real good time running on the beach, jumping into the water and playing fetch with a ball we found washed by the waves. I did sleep very well that night.

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