What is a Grandmother?

So, it turns out that I have a grandmother…and she comes from a foreign world. She even speaks different language. I don’t understand this language. It turns out, it is Romanian. Ha…I hear a lot of “Ce zice?, Ce zice?”, whatever that means….

She seems like a nice enough lady, she looks a little bit like my mother but my mother is so much more adorable. I should probably tell her one of these days.

My grandmother does not appreciate my kisses…what in the world is that? I mean, really? I am her only grandson.

Needless to say, I am still happy to meet her, we went all the way over to the other side of Florida, in Miami, I am told, to go pick her up at the airport….well, you know I don’t really like airports, so the trip was not my favorite. But I made it and I was happy to share my home with her.

Wonder how long she’ll stay?

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