My Humans

I guess I should be calling them momma and papa…at least this is how they call each other. Sometimes she calls me papito…Anyway, my mom is a real estate agent. She loves her job and she sometimes takes on the road with her when she can. It is very nice to get inside her car and have the wind blowing in my face and the music playing while driving around scoping out properties.
I like her job because she also works from home and she is very lucky to spend a lot of time with me during the day.
Irie learning to be a real estate agent

My papa is also involved in real estate but he is not always home. I really don’t know what he does but he leaves home in nice, clean clothes and he comes back looking like he was in a fight…he sometimes gets himself into trouble because he forgets to leave his shoes outside the door. Something to do with dirt all over the house.

I too like it when he takes his shoes off because I really love chewing on his socks. Sometimes he tries to hide them from me but I’m too good.

The best part about my papa is that every day when he comes home, even before having supper, he always plays a good game of fetch or Frisbee with me. After that, we are really dirty and in order to keep the misses pleased, we both take a quick shower in the pool.
I heard him say that he wants me to be Champion Frisbee Dog. I don’t mind that. I’ll work on it.
Irie with his first frisbee

This is me with my first frisbee…